Principalmeet at the IPPN Principals’ conference 2017


We are delighted to announce that our next Teachmeet event will be held at this year’s IPPN Principals’ Conference at Citywest, Dublin on Thursday 26th January.

This event – a Principalmeet, open only to principals attending the conference – follows the conference theme ‘The Power of One’, and participants are invited to share inspirational strategies they use to lead teaching and learning in their own school.


The Teachmeet Ireland team – Kathleen (left) and Ciara (right)!

What is a Principalmeet?
A Principalmeet is based on the philosophy of a Teachmeet – an organised (but informal) meeting where participants are offered a variety of nano (2-minute) or macro (5-minute) presentations on any aspect of education – in this case, leadership in primary education.

Participants can be actively involved as presenters, or can simply relax and listen to all that will be on offer. Attending this meet will also illustrate how you yourself can host a Teachmeet in your own school or your own locality.

UPDATE: We’ve now finished accepting applications to present at this event. You can find a full programme of speakers here – thanks to everyone who contacted us!

  • If you’d like to attend the Principalmeet event, please select the Principalmeet Workshop when registering for the Conference in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin – and then come join us for 90 minutes of positive, engaging professional dialogue.

For more information on Teachmeet Ireland – and to find out more about what a Teachmeet is! – click here.