What is a Teachmeet?

A Teachmeet is an organised (but informal) meeting where participants are offered a variety of nano (two-minute) or macro (seven-minute) presentations on any aspect of education.

Participants can be actively involved as presenters, or can simply relax and listen to all that will be on offer.

set your imagination free

So can you share some tantalising tips, sizzling strategies or innovative ideas with us? Or are you looking to be enthused, excited and energised by similarly-minded educators? Then sign up to present!

Wondering what one of our Teachmeets looks like? Check out this video!

To quote one attendee of a previous event:

So did attending a Teachmeet live up to my expectations? Yes, yes and yes again. I had a wonderful night, met lots of interesting people and came away with lots of new ideas.

Still wondering what a Teachmeet is? Have a look at this video!

6 thoughts on “What is a Teachmeet?

  1. Hi Timothy, you are attend any event. The majority of our events have a primary focus, so you might just make sure that your topic is suitable for that level. Some of our national events (such as Féilte) are open to all levels in education.


  2. Hi Ciara,
    We are a group of 3rd Year B.Ed Froebel Students from Maynooth University. We are organising a Teachmeet for the 14th of March in the School of Education in Maynooth University. We would appreciate it if you could help us get the word out and you are more than welcome to come along. You can contact us on Twitter @tmFroebel and Facebook @FroebelTeachmeet2019.


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