Presenters: Roll up, roll up!

Our next event will take place at the IPPN’s National Conference 2018, taking place at the Citywest Hotel and Convention Centre, Dublin on Friday 26th January, 2018 – with the theme of ‘The Power of One’.

Accordingly, we can only accept applications to present from primary principals who are registered to attend the event.

But if you’re attending the conference, and can share some tantalising tips, sizzling strategies or innovative ideas with us? Or are you looking to be enthused, excited and energised by similar minded educators?

If so, we want you as a presenter!

A quick guide for anyone thinking of making a presentation at our next Teachmeet:

  • Choose your type of presentation: nano (2 minutes) or macro (5 minutes)
  • Choose your format: oral presentation, PowerPoint, Prezi, video, any other format
  • Email your presentation to us at the email address below
  • Please note all product-selling is prohibited.

If you’re interested, click here to download a presenters’ form – simply fill it out and send it back to Kathleen and Ciara at You can also use that address to contact us for further information.

Thanks for your interest!

2 thoughts on “Presenters: Roll up, roll up!

  1. Hi Ciara/Kathleen

    Just an afterthought….still enjoying the afterbuzz of yesterday which was a fantastic antidote to ‘An Inspector Calls’.
    To share the workload particularly coming close to the Teachmeet date, would you consider having additional people to help out. I would make myself available and I’m sure that there would be others…….

    Had a second look at Bianca’s presentation and have decided that Idon’t need to go anywhere for the weekend. I’ll sit here on the laptop. It can lash rain for all I care…..oh, look, it’s raining! How opportune!


  2. Sound great Peter! We’ll be sure to get in touch when we have a date and venue settled for number 4. You’re so good to offer your time! Thanks again for everything on Thursday. C

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